Chris started his career in the music industry as a tape-op at PARC-Studios, Munich; after finishing his studies in the field of Electronics and Broadcast-Engineering at Munichs University of Applied Sciences and made his first steps under Producer Stephan Lux (Terence Trent D'Arby, Ron Wood, ...), recording sessions with Roachford guitarist 'Elisha Blue Murray', Noel McCoy a.o. - followed by his tv-scoring work for "Walt Disney Pictures" and the "Film Fernseh Synchron Gesellschaft FFS".
Keen on the british art of recording, Chris moved to London and became inhouse engineer at Mark-Angelo Studios and The Pierce Rooms. Trained by such top-calibre engineers as Dub-Producer Mark Lusardi (Nick Cave, Billy Bragg, Sex Pistols, Howard Jones), the phenomenal Ian Caple (Tricky, Tindersticks), R&B-HipHop-Mixer Marcellus Fernandes (All Saints, Lighthouse Family, Babyface); Lee Rumble (Blondie); Billy Anderson (The Melvins); Jack Guy (INXS) and Michael Zimmerling (David Bowie, Simply Red) - developing his skills in Recording and Mixing.

Today, Chris reputation lists an impressive amount of demanding projects he's been recording and mixing, taking him up the ladder of becoming a producer. Due to his skills in operating large format consoles and equiped with the well kept secrets of analogue-recording, a huge background of microphone-techniques as well as his routine in digital editing and programming, Chris can therefore easily focus on the most captivating elements of any production: