WELCOME to SINGLE MALT RECORDS brand new recording and mixing facility in Hamburg for RECORDING, MIXING, WRITING, PROGRAMMING, MASTERING, EDITING, SOUND-TO-PICTURE, POSTPRO and DIALOGUE. While offering a unique atmosphere - our dedicated staff will take care of all your concerns. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Beside our own chill area, office space, home cinema, bar and kitchen with full catering service ... B&B's and the "HADLEYS" - a beautiful bar, cafe and restaurant - are located just accross the street (with live jazz twice a month!).
Euphonix System 5MC / ProTools HD3 Accell, SSL Alpha Link's + Digidesign 192 IO with a total of 80 physical Inputs and Outputs / Apple PowerMac Octacore (ProTools HD 9) and Apple iMac (Logic Pro 8)
Neve 8816 and 8804 summing mixer / Monitoring: Meyer Sound HD1, Bryston + Yamaha NS10, Fostex 1063, Rotel + Teufel 5.1 THX Ultra Surround Setup / Mic-Pre's & Recording Channels: UA LA610, UA 6176, Avalon VT737SP, Neve 1073DPD, UA4110 .... / EQ's & Dynamics: Distressor, Tube Tech, LA-2A, UA 1176LN, Chandler Curve Bender, Gyraf G10 and G14, Waves MaxxBCL, dbx, BSS, Drawmer, Avalon VT747 .... / FX: Lexicon L300, Eventide H4500, Bricasti M7, tc 2290, tc Fireworx, Korg SDD2000 ... & huge PlugIn collection, Sample Libary and Software Synth / Microphones: several Brauner VMA, VMX, Phantom, Velvet; Schoeps, Earthworks, Neumann, Shure, Rode, Sennheiser, AKG, EV ... / Additional: MusikTaxi VP Pro, Studer DAT, Studer CD, Tascam DAT, Denon MD, ... Korg Trinity, Upright Pianos, Line6 Pod Pro, Lehmann Audio Headphone PreAmp's, RTW Portamonitor, 360Systems Digicard E, Taylor Acoustic, Epiphone Lucille a.o.